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Thanks to Group Capt. Bhalla

Thank you so much Group Capt. Bhalla for an outstanding experience that you navigated me through the clusters of clouds, especially the one with very thick, huge & heavy cloud at its peripheral, Kiss sliding the CB clouds & royally teaching the techniques of emergency procedures in managing the unforeseen uncertainty circumstances for RELIABILITY as KEY factor.
The descend (60° to 70° degree Nose dive) from FL80 (8000 Ft) to A030 (3000 Ft) for SAFETY of the aircraft and crew in approximately 1 minutes, was memorable.

This is only possible because of your high level experience.

This cross country check has turned out to be a new experience. I felt & desired to get more opportunity to fly with YOU, because, being around you gives profound knowledge & immense experience beyond normal expectations.

Sven Salins